• Japanese Multicolor Red Vase


Which colors represent Japanese lifestyles?
The colors like cherry blossoms in the spring, festivals in the summer, leaves in the autumn, snow scenes in the winter are closely related to Japanese culture.
Tsugaru Vidro is created from 1500-degree furnace. One can feel the warmth of free-blowing glass that is carefully shaped by glass artisans. Distinctive Japanese four seasons are depicted on handmade glass of Tsugaru Vidro with various colors.
We hope you enjoy joyful meals and relaxing time by using colorful Tsugaru Vidro glassware.

Wash the glassware with natural detergent before first-time use.
Damage to glassware will increase likelihood of breakage - avoid knocking with hard objects e.g. knives, forks, spoons, against other glass items, etc.
Do not wash glassware in an automatic dishwasher.
Glassware is liable to crack under extreme changes in temperature e.g. fill heated glassware with cold liquid, place heated glassware on wet surfaces, etc.
Take extra care when washing inside of the glassware - applying force or twisting around when washing interior surface can lead to breakage and unexpected injury.
Please wash vases from time to time since water stains are difficult to remove once they are formed inside vases.

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