Institutional Towels

At S Home168, we offer institutional towels for hotels, resorts, service apartments, hostel, spas, hospitals and others who seek for quality towels. They are made of 100% cotton and from a manufacturer that has more than 30 years of expertise. The structure of these towels is designed to withstand industrial laundry processes.

Most commonly-found problems of institutional towels are that towel hems wear off before pile. This could result from improper care, loose stitches, or unsuitable towel structure.

Why should you choose our Towels?

1. Structure

We manufacture towels that can withstand industrial laundry to extend the product life.

2. Hem

We use 3-stitch interlock on length hemming with thick woven cross-hemming.

3. Color

White: most commonly-used color; long product life; easy-care

Other colors: we can dye any colors upon your request.

4. Quality Assurance

We have end-to-end product quality control from weaving, dyeing to finishing processes.

At S Home168, we have various sizes, types and weights of towels for you to choose for your needs. Being a manufacturer ourselves, we can help you choose the best specification for your usage appropriately.

Standard Sizes: Double Loop

 Minimum Order
No. DescriptionSizeWeight (lbs./dz.)Woven LogoEmbroidered Logo
1 Face Towel 12”x12” 1.2 3,600 1,000
2 Face Towel 12”x12” 1.5 3,600 1,000
3 Face Towel (Jacquard) 12”x12” 1.5 3,600 1,000
4 Hand Towel 15”x30” 3.75 1,800 800
5 Hand Towel 15”x30” 4.5 1,800 800
6 Hand Towel (Jacquard) 15”x30” 4.25 1,800 800
7 Bath Towel 27”x54” 10.5 1,200 500
8 Bath Towel 27”x54” 12 1,200 500
9 Bath Towel 27”x54” 14 1,200 500
10 Bath Towel (Jacquard) 27”x54” 13 1,200 500
11 Bath Towel 30”x60” 16 1,200 500
12 Bath Towel 30”x60” 18 1,200 500
13 Bath Towel (Jacquard) 30”x60” 16 1,200 500
14 Bath Mat (Jacquard) 18”x28” 8 1,500 N/A
15 Bath Mat (Jacquard) 20”x30” 11 1,500 N/A

Feel free to contact us for more information or FREE sample towels.

Apart from abovementioned sizes and weights, you can order your specific specifications.

Contact 02-285-4301-4, K.Pranitee 081-559-2994, K.Panchalee 081-697-2248

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