Institutional Towels


Institutional Towels

Quality Towels are important in any Hotel, Hospital, Clinic, Resort, Spa, Beauty Clinic, and many other businesses. Directly related to good service, it is important to provide qualilty towels that are absorbant, sturdy, and free of rips or hanging threads for the best impression from customers who directly come in contact with the towels.

Most problems with towels in business are easily torn towels, ripped seams, hanging threads, and many more. The source of these problems may be from bad quality towels or improper care of the heavily used towels.

BeHome Institutional Towels are made from 100% cotton, made locally in Thailand with our top grade machinary for the sturdiest towels.

With over 40 years of experiences, BeHome understands the problems down to the cause of them, we innovate ways to improve our towels; like thicker seams and stronger stitching, for business that requires towels to be heavily used.

We promise that out towels will be long lasting with proper care, and in the long run it will save you cost.

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Name/Logo Embroidery Available

Personalized Color and Woven Logo Available (minimum amount requirement)

-Product Overview-

BeHome Institutional Towels: standardize hotel towel, retail/wholesale with no minimum

Colours Avaliable in Stock: white/grey/brown/navy

*single woven thread towels avaliable in white only

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Call: 02-285-4301-4


-Product Samples-

Hotel Samples:

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Hotel Initial/Name Embroidery Samples:

Hotel Initial/Name Sample 01 Hotel Initial/Name Sample 02 Hotel Initial/Name Sample 03 Hotel Initial/Name Sample 04 Hotel Initial/Name Sample 05 Hotel Initial/Name Sample 06 Hotel Initial/Name Sample 07

Hotel Logo Embroidery Samples:

Hotel Logo Sample 01 Hotel Logo Sample 02

Hotel Premium Review Samples:

Hotel Logo Premium 01 Hotel Logo Premium 02 Hotel Logo Premium 01 Hotel Logo Premium 04 Hotel Logo Premium 05 Hotel Logo Premium 06 Hotel Logo Premium 07 Hotel Logo Premium 08 Hotel Logo Premium 09 Hotel Logo Premium 10 Hotel Logo Premium 11 Hotel Logo Premium 12 Hotel Logo Premium 13 Hotel Logo Premium 14 Hotel Logo Premium 15 Hotel Logo Premium 16 Hotel Logo Premium 17 Hotel Logo Premium 18 Hotel Logo Premium 19

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